• Interview with local artist Brittany Steiner

    We caught up with local artist Brittany Steiner.  Her artwork is currently being featured on some of our graphic T's. We go back almost a decade with Brittany, as we use to slaaang shoes together (we use to work at a shoe store.....) and later clothing, hence her biased feelings on our "do the shoes make the outfit question." ;)  

    What types of art do you create?  What is your preferred medium?
    I do portraiture and also illustrations.  I usually prefer pencil and paper, but also love the challenge of oil painting.
    What inspires you? Who is inspirational to you?
     My inspirations come from fashion, fantasy and beautiful creatures.  I can be inspired by something as simple as a brand new book, or by my dreams.  I come up with most of my artwork ideas at night, right before I truly fall asleep.
    Favorite pre-millenium musician?
    There are a few that tied for best, in no specific order.
    Bjork, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Radiohead


    Favorite piece of clothing you own?


    My Vegabond black ankle boots.



    Favorite trend? Most hated?


    I love the whole throwback to the 90’s thing, with the platforms, grunge, etc.  I think it is important to incorporate a few things from trends, but not to overdo it, or you are just a slave to fashion.


    Do the shoes make the outfit?


    1000% absolutely(****insert blade in our heart)


     What do you love about living in Chicago? Hate?


    Best Summers. Worst Winters.


    Favorite clothing designer or brand?


    Vagabond, Jeffrey Campbell, Irregular Choice.  I have a closer relationship with shoes than clothing. (****blade now twisted)


    Describe your artistic viewpoint in 1 sentence


    I Create what I Love.


    What is your preferred cocktail?


    Gin and Tonic


    What is your plan for the first day there is no snow on the ground and you can go sans coat?


    Wear shoes that are NOT my winter boots. Take a walk. Go running.



    What is your Achilles Heel?


    Internetting, Girl Scout Cookies



    Where do you find the most peace?


    Listening to music/ drinking wine while working on an oil painting. Or, sleeping.




    First word that comes to mine from below listings


    Miley Cyrus revamp                                     Tongue
    Madonna                                                        Cone boobs perky
    Male Strippers                                                       Cowboy
    Meat                                                               Bacon
    Moscato                                                         Girly
    Game of Thrones                                     Best. Ever


    You can see a full range of her work at


    Pre Order one of the T'shirts HERE.
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