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    In the wake of women across the country feeling oppressed, offended and robbed of our voices being heard, we must not lay down and take it. The President Elect has used slander on various occasions through his campaign, made promises to take away our freedom and has shown his true character when it comes to women's equality.

    Although comical in nature, this shirt is our voices saying, NO MORE.

    We will not be silenced until the threat of our equality goes away and the President Elect apologizes for all offenses to Americans he has committed during his campaign trail.

    $5 from each shirt will be donated to a womens advocacy group.

    *note: we are still in researching phase of finding a group to donate, if you know of a good foundation/group please email us @sinclarityclothing@gmail.com


    Shirts are printed on bella and canvas, extra soft t's.

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